minnehaha iii
Taken with my RX100M3 Point & Shoot Camera – Built in ND Filter on a small Gorilla tripod

This images wasn’t captured on a full frame DSLR or Mirrorless camera.  It wasn’t shot with a Carbon Fiber Tripod with a handmade stainless steel ball head or a integrated remote trigger.  I get this question quite a bit and most assume that without spending thousands on a room of lenses and camera bodies, that framable images aren’t possible.

For personal photographs that are “framable” art for your home, there are so many amazing choices in hand held / point & shoot cameras.  There are certainly varying ranges that you can spend as well.  Even your iPhone or Android based phone are getting to the point where you can capture amazing images, edit them “in phone” and publish them to various social media AND print physical photos that are more than suitable for framing.

I personally have two of these options in my “bag”, my iPhone 8 Plus and a Sony RX100M3 Point & Shoot camera.

The RX100M3 has gone through several iterations that Sony continues to produce starting with the M1 in 2012 and most recently the M6 (June of 2018).  In my very short opinion, if you don’t do much in the way of video, the M3 is nearly a perfect P&S camera. The latest M6 announced lost the low end aperture of 1.8 now starting at 2.8 and jumping quickly above that with even the slightest zoom off the base 24mm. (it does however zoom to 200mm)

The M3/4/5 also contain a built in 3 stop ND filter that is easily accessible and automatically deploys in Shutter Priority mode when the exposure calls for it.  (not the same as placing a 3-Stop ND Breakthrough Photography filter on the end of your lens, but effectively equivalent!)

With all of that, there are limitations of the sensors and quality.  RAW vs. jpg for one will allow (or restrict) your ability to do any meaningful post processing.  The best iPhone images will top out at 16×20 and some will be pushed too far at even that size.  I have 9′ images that came from my D850 and with post processing a few that could be printed with great quality up to 20′ wide.  As I’m sure that you can imagine that there is really NO reason for an everyday image to have that level of detail.

In the end, just have a camera with you, take pictures that engage your mind and spirit and if something comes out great, put it on your wall to enjoy!

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