Who we are… 

RMBall Galleries is curated by Robert & Michelle Ball.  With a lifelong passion for collecting pieces that are meaningful to us, we made a decision to share that passion and experience with others.  We look to acquire artwork that shares that same human spirit that draws us all to stop and look, to create a memory that is preserved and passed down through art.

Online, we are specializing in photographic artwork, we do not limit our galleries to any specific medium as long at the vision for the piece is truly depicting that human spirit that we all long to capture.


Robert (Robb) Ball – Photographer

Robb’s passion for photography began over 20 years ago.  An avid outdoorsman, hiker, skier, camper, climber and anything else outside, he never leaves home without some type of camera in tow.  Over the years, he has worked in various formats from 35mm to large format and now digital.

Currently he is capturing images with a Nikon D850 & D810, a Sony RX-100III, an iPhone, a Nikon 35ti and occasionally with a Mamiya C220.  In the galleries, you will find images captured with everything back to a Nikon N8008, F90, F4, F3HP, FM3a, D100, D200, D600; Hasselblad 500c, Sony RX100, Panasonic Lumix GF1 and even a Nikonos V and Tachihara or two thrown in for good fun.

Using a modified Zone VI approach to visioning the final image, Robb isn’t just looking for the abstract, unique, colorful or “sellable”.  He is looking for balance, tone and an image that takes the creates or awakens a memory for the viewer.

He looks to capture the human spirit through landscapes and scenic photographs to evoke the emotions that are felt at that moment in time.  Memories captured and shared are those that survive generations.

“Beauty is all around you… All you have to do is look!”